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BlazingSQL is a GPU accelerated SQL engine built on top of the RAPIDS AI data science framework. RAPIDS AI is a collection of open-source libraries for end-to-end data science pipelines entirely in the GPU. BlazingSQL extends RAPIDS AI and enables users to run SQL queries on Apache Arrow in GPU memory.

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Data Types

Data Types

These are the currently supported data types for BlazingSQL:

  • Integer
    • INT8
    • INT16
    • INT32
    • INT64
  • Floating Point
    • FLOAT8
    • FLOAT16
    • FLOAT32
    • FLOAT64
  • Strings
    • STR
  • Date Time
    • DATE32 (INT32_T DAYS since the UNIX Epoch)
    • DATE64 (INT64_T MILLISECONDS since the UNIX Epoch)
    • TIMESTAMP (INT64 encoded as exact TIMESTAMP since the UNIX Epoch)

Data Types

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