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Welcome to our Documentation and Support Page!

BlazingSQL is a GPU accelerated SQL engine built on top of the RAPIDS data science framework. RAPIDS is a collection of open-source libraries for end-to-end data science pipelines entirely in the GPU. BlazingSQL extends RAPIDS and enables users to run SQL queries on Apache Arrow in GPU memory.

Please install, test, deploy, and gripe in our Discussion board.

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Docker Container Install

You can easily install the BlazingSQL container through our DockerHub Page.


  • GPU support
    • Pascal or better
    • Compute Capability > 6.1
      • CUDA support
    • 9.2 or better
      • OS support
    • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (tested and confirmed working)
      • Docker support
    • Docker CE v18+ - apt for Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't include v18+ by default
    • nvidia-docker v2+

1. Pull the BlazingSQL Docker image

docker pull blazingdb/blazingsql

2. Launch an interactive session

nvidia-docker run \
  --rm \
  -p 8888:8888 \
  -p 8787:8787 \
  -p 8786:8786 blazingdb/blazingsql:latest

3. Open your web browser, and navigate to:

 http://{IPADDR}:8888   (e.g.)  http://12.34.567.89:8888

Jupyter password


You will find an example notebook that will run a demo test. They are under /blazingdb/notebooks/